Triticum monococcum bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) library
D. Lijavetzky, G. Muzzi, T. Wicker, B. Keller, R. Wing, and J. Dubcovsky.

Genome 1999 42:1176-1182

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         Plant material: cultivated diploid wheat Triticum monococcum DV92.

         High molecular weight DNA: nuclei extracted from leaves.

         Partial digestion: Hind III followed by double size-selection (Fig1 and 2).

         Cloning vector: pINDIGO451 BAC

         Library characteristics:

         276,480 BAC clones sorted in 720 384-well plates and blotted onto 15 high-density filters

         Average insert size of 115 kb

         Empty clones: 1.33 %. Hybridization with labeled total DV92 DNA showed that all the other BAC clones have wheat DNA. 85% of the Not I fragments showed strong hybridization signal suggesting the presence of repetitive sequences.

         Clones with chloroplast DNA: 0.14 %

         Library coverage: 5.6 genome equivalents.

         Probability of having any DNA sequence represented in this library: > 99.6 %.