Nestor Kippes


Postdoctoral Researcher


  • PhD in Agronomic Sciences, School of Agriculture, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina [2010-2015]
  • BS/MS. Biotechnology, National University of San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina [2010]



​I completed my undergraduate studies in the University of San Martin (Argentina) with emphasis in Biotechnology in 2010. The same year I joined the Dubcovsky lab at UC Davis to apply different genetic approaches to understand the regulation of the vernalization requirement in wheat. I received my PhD from the University of Buenos Aires in 2015 under the supervision of Jorge Dubcovsky. ​I am especially interested in the discovery and deployment of genes controlling relevant aspects of development and their utilization to produce improved ​crop varieties. ​

VERNALIZATION 4 gene identification

This project was focused on flowering regulation in wheat, principally understanding the gene networks controlling the vernalization requirement. VRN-D4 is one of the major vernalization genes in wheat and the first aim of this project was to develop a fine map in the VRN-D4 gene region to facilitate the positional cloning and study its interactions with other flowering and photoperiod genes. Ultimately, a better understanding of this regulatory pathway will improve the knowledge of wheat adaptation to different environments. More..

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Genetic and physical mapping of the earliness per se locus EpsAm1 in Triticum monococcum identifies EARLY FLOWERING 3 (ELF3) as a candidate gene
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