Tyson Howell


Postdoctoral Researcher


Graduate school:
University of California, Davis, CA

Integrative Genetics and Genomics graduate group

Jorge Dubcovsky lab


University of California, Davis, CA

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology 

(Specializations in plants and microbiology)

Tyson Howell


I am working on improving drought resistance in wheat. My project is focused on identifying a gene from the rye 1RS.1BL translocation that confers drought resistance in the field.

Using a variety of methods including high throughput phenopying, high throughput genotyping and custom marker development, I used near isogenic lines to identify a small distal region of the 1RS arm which is responsible for the drought resistance conferred by the 1RS translocation, summarized in my 2014 TAG publication.

I am now focused on fine mapping the region to identify candidate genes. This is complicated by the fact that recombination is suppressed between wheat and rye chromosomes, so I am using a deletion mapping approach. Using Illumina sequencing data on two flow sorted chromosome arms, I am using a kmer based bioinformatic approach for developing polymorphic markers in the region previously mapped.


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