Baoju Yang


Postdoctoral Researcher



  • 2013.08~present    Postdoctoral researcher in Jorge Dubcovsky’lab,
  •                                Department of Plant Science, University of California, Davis
  •                   2013     Ph.D in Crop Genetics and Breeding
  •                                College of Agronomy Northwest A&F University, China
  •                                (Joint Ph.D student for 2 years at University of California, Davis, U.S)
  •                   2009    M.S. in Crop Genetics and Breeding
  •                                College of Agronomy Northwest A&F University, China
  •                   2003    B.S. in Agronomy
  •                               College of Agronomy Northwest A&F University, China



  • Plant-pathogen interaction
  • Comparative analysis of interactome of key nodes in non-RD kinase mediated pathway between rice and wheat against the pathogen infection
  • Identification of QTL and mapping resistant genes to rusts and powdery mildew in wheat
  • Identification of genes controlling chromosome stability and develop their applications in wheat breeding



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