Gilad Gabay


Postdoctoral Researcher



  • PhD in Plant Breeding and Genetics. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. 2018. 
  • M.Sc. plant science, Breeding and Genetic resources. Wageningen University, the Netherlands. 2012. 
  • B.Sc. Agr. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. 2009.



Gabay, G., Wang, H., Zhang, J. et al. Dosage differences in 12-OXOPHYTODIENOATE REDUCTASE genes modulate wheat root growth. Nat Commun 14, 539 (2023).

Gabay, G, Zhang, J, Burguener, GF, et al. Structural rearrangements in wheat (1BS)–rye (1RS) recombinant chromosomes affect gene dosage and root length. Plant Genome. 2021; 14:e20079.

Gabay G, Flaishman MA. Genetic and Genomic Analyses of Vegetative Budbreak in Response to Chilling Units in European Pear (Pyrus Communis L.). InThe Pear Genome 2019 (pp. 227-242). Springer, Cham.

Gabay G, Faigenboim A, Dahan Y, Izhaki Y, Itkin M, Malitsky S, Elkind Y, Flaishman MA. Transcriptome analysis and metabolic profiling reveal the key role of α-linolenic acid in dormancy regulation of European pear. Journal of Experimental Botany. 2018.  

Gabay G, Dahan Y, Izhaki Y, Faigenboim A, Ben-Ari G, Elkind Y, Flaishman MA. High-resolution genetic linkage map of European pear (Pyrus communis) and QTL fine-mapping of vegetative budbreak time. BMC plant biology. 2018;18(1):175.

Gabay G, Dahan Y, Izhaki Y, Isaacson T, Elkind Y, Ben‐Ari G, Flaishman MA. Identification of QTL s associated with spring vegetative budbreak time after dormancy release in pear (Pyrus communis L.). Plant Breeding. 2017;136(5):749-58.

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