Jorge Dubcovsky


Principal Investigator


Elementary school teacher. Tertiary School Mariano Acosta, 1977.
BS in Biological Sciences. University of Buenos Aires. 1984.
PhD in Biological Sciences. University of Buenos Aires. 1989.
Postdoctoral training. Molecular Biology Institute. INTA. 1991.
Postdoctoral training. Dept. Agronomy and Range Sciences, Univ. Calif. Davis. 1992-1994.



2001. National Assoc. Wheat Growers. Excellence in Research.
2007. USDA-NRI “Discovery Award” best research program.
2009. American Society of Plant Biology “Hoagland Award”.
2011. Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator (2011-2016).
2011. USDA Secretary’s Honor Award.
2013. "Konex Award" Argentina, Genetics & Genomics 2003-2013.
2013. Fellow ASA and CSSA.
2013. Member National Academy of Science of the USA.
2014. Wolf World Award in Agriculture.
2015. USDA-NIFA Partnership Award.
2017. University of California, Davis Innovator of the Year Award.




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ISI times cited: >14,000
Average Citations per Article: 65.3
h-index: 65
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Varieties and Germplasm released

Eleven UCD wheat varieties: Kern (HRS), Clear White (HWS), Lassik (HRS), Patwin (HWS), Desert King (durum), Tipai (durum), Patwin 515 (HWS), Desert King-High Protein (durum), Miwok (durum), Yurok (HRS), Patwin-515HP, malting barley variety Tahoe.

Five wheat varieties developed by J. Dubcovsky lab in collaboration with industry: Blanca Grande 515, Summit 515, Expresso, New Dirkwin, Westmore.

60 new germplasm: PI 638738 - PI 638742, PI 603918, PI 603919, PI 651012, GSTR 13606, GSTR 13634, GSTR 13600, GSTR 13664, GSTR 13504, GSTR 13618, GSTR 13501-13687 (186 RILs), PI 656793, PI 664549; SbeII mutants tetraploid: PI 670159-PI 670161; 9 FT-B1: PI 671995 - PI 672004. 1RS: PI 672837 - PI 672839; GPC-B1 mutants: PI 673410 - PI 673415. 10 NILs Glu-A3 & Glu-B3 alleles: PI 674000 - PI 674009. 6 Gw2 mutants grain size: PI 675010-675015.  3 Glu-D12+12 isogenic lines in durum wheat: PI 672996 (UC 1113-GpcB1-Glu-D12+12), PI 672997 (UC1171-Glu-D12+12), PI 672998 (UC1308-Glu-D12+12). Synthetic vrn2-null PI 676269. SbeII mutants hexaploid: PI 675644-675647

Graduate students

25 PhD students (9 in progress)

2000-2006 Major Professor, PhD, Gabriela Tranquilli (UCD-Argentina). Researcher INTA
2001-2005 Co-director, PhD, Sofia Olmos (UCD-Argentina). Professor Argentina
2002-2006 Major Professor, Ph D, Cristobal Uauy (UCD). Project Leader John. Innes UK
2004-2009 Major Professor, Ph D, Juan Brevis (UCD). Now Breeder private company
2005-2010 Major Professor, Ph D, Malena Faricelli (UCD). Now Breeder private company
2006-2011 Major Professor, Ph D, Iago Lowe (UCD). Now Professor U. of New England
2007-2011 Major Professor, Ph D, Marcos Bonafede (UCD-Argentina). Researcher INTA
2007-2011 Major Professor, Ph D, Baoju Yang (UCD-China). Postdoc UCD.
2009-2013 Major Professor, Ph D, Rebecca Nitcher (UCD). May 2014.
2010-2015 Co-director, Ph D, Facundo Tabbita (UBA). March 2015.
2011-2015 Major Professor, Ph D, Brittany Hazard (UCD). June 2015.
2012-2015 Co-Director, Ph D Shisheng Chen, Sichuan Agricultural University, May 2015
2011-2015 Major Professor, Ph D, Nestor Kippes, (Univ. of Bs. As., Argentina), Dec. 2015.
2012-2016 Co-Director, Ph D Kun Li, Shandong Agricultural University, Jan 2016.
2011-2016 Major Professor, Ph D, Tyson Howell (UCD). In progress.
2011-2016 Major Professor, Ph D, Alejandra Alvarez (Univ. San Martin Arg.), May 2016
2012-2015 Co-Director, PhD Xiaodong Zhang, Professor Ag. Univ. Hebei
2011-2016 Major Professor, Ph D, Josh Hegarty (UCD). In progress.
2011-2016 Major Professor, Ph D, Nicolas Cobo (UCD). In progress.
2014-2018 Major Professor, Ph D, Stephen Bolus (UCD). In progress.
2014-2018 Major Professor, Ph D, Youngjun Mo (UCD). In progress.
2014-2018 Major Professor, Ph D, André Schönhofen (UCD). In progress.
2015-2019 Major Professor, Ph D, Chen Dang (UCD). In progress.
2014-2018 Major Professor, Ph D, Hans Vasquez-Gross (UCD). In progress.
2014-2016 Co director, PhD, Zhenzhen Dong, (China Ag. Univ., China). In progress.
2015-2019 Co director, PhD, Guo Yan, (China Ag. Univ., China). In progress.
2016-2020 Major Professor, PhD, Saarah Kuzay. In progress.

9 MS students (1 in progress)

1990-1991 Co-director, MS, Silvina Marta Lewis (Argentina). Now Scientist INTA
1997-1999 Major Professor, MS, Martha Jimenez (UCD). Now Teacher
1999- 2002 Major Professor, MS, Chialing Chan (UCD).
1999-2001 Major Professor, MS, Boryana Stamova (UCD). Now Researcher USDA
1999-2004 Co-director, MS, Laura Appendino (Argentina). Now Professor Univ. of Bs.As.
2002-2005 Major Professor, MS, Andrea Miller (UCD). Now researcher Monsanto
2008-2010 Major Professor, MS. Kati Wu (UCD). Now associate scientist at Amyris Biotech.
2014-2015 Co-Director, MS. Felix Dubach (ETH Zurich)UCD). Unknown.
2015-2017 Major Professor, MS. Francine Paraiso (UCD).