María Alejandra Alvarez


Postdoctoral Researcher


2016 - PhD in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, National University of San Martin, Argentina. Dissertation: Control of flowering time and spike development in wheat: positional cloning of the earliness per se gene Eps-Am1. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Dubcovsky. Co-advisor: Dr. Gabriela Tranquilli.

2008 - Master of Science in Biotechnology, National University of San Martin, Argentina. Dissertation: Assessment of genetic diversity in a cassava in vitro collection using molecular markers

2006 - Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, National University of San Martin, Argentina



Kippes N, Guedira M, Lin L, Alvarez MA, Brown-Guedira GL, Dubcovsky (2018​) Single nucleotide polymorphisms in a regulatory site of VRN-A1 first intron are associated with differences in vernalization requirement in winter wheat.​ Mol Genet Genomics. 93: 1231.

Alvarez MA, Tranquilli G, Lewis S, Kippes N, Dubcovsky J (2016) Genetic and physical mapping of the earliness per se locus Eps-Am1 in Triticum monococcum identifies EARLY FLOWERING 3 (ELF3) as a candidate gene. Funct Integr Genomics DOI: 10.1007/s10142-016-0490-3

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